Zone Basics 101

Just “Zone,” singular.  Not the “Twilight Zone,” not a “Speed Zone,”  not “Zoning Out”.  Although, we will admit that it might feel like any one – or all three at the same time – of those things when you first begin.  For that reason, and many others, we are at your service!

The Zone Diet is really quite simple!  The basic premise is to balance your meals, allowing your body to maintain the proper insulin levels all day, every day.  This, in turn, keeps inflammation down!  Now how do you do this, you ask?  By eating a balance of protein to good carbohydrates and fats.  This is, indeed, an oversimplified explanation.  We are admittedly leaving out some very fancy scientific terms here, but for those of you wishing to understand the science of this diet better, we still recommend reading Dr. Sears’ books.  He’s got this Zone business down cold.

Here is a simple photo to show you the basic make-up of a Zone dinner plate:


To be more precise about the diet, you need to calculate blocks.  An average female gets 12-13 Blocks per day.  An average male gets 16-17 Blocks per day.  What is a block?  It consists of 7 grams of Protein, 9 grams of Carbohydrates, and 2.5 grams of fats.  There are block calculators easily accessible online (this one is a decent one:, and we would recommend visiting any others you might find, reading more about the diet, and visiting with people who have experience in the area in order to determine what specific number of blocks work for you!

For more resources on the Zone, visit the “Zone Diet Resources” tab on our page.  We will continually put helpful links, articles, and information in that spot.  If you’re just itching to know more right now, though, check out these sites for lots of useful information about Zoning: and and 

A note about Paleo….  Paleo recipes are great!  Delicious!  We eat them regularly as our “cheat” meals and zone as many of them as we possibly can (refer back to how they’re “great” and “delicious”).  As a matter of fact, much of the recipe inspiration for what you’ll see on this blog started as a paleo recipe and ended-up adapted for Zone, or Zone/Paleo.  But don’t be fooled, if a recipe says “paleo” that does NOT mean that it’s Zoned, or balanced for a Zone eater.  Should you find a recipe that you want to make, be sure to get out your calculator and do a little math, first.

And, now, for your viewing pleasure, a kitty cat with a barbell.  You’re welcome.

car barbell


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