Friday Lessons from the Teenage-types

It was music camp week in Laramie, which means I’ve been up to my eyeballs in 115 sixth through twelfth graders.  With the exception of a few minor hiccups, it’s been a delightful week of experiencing life through the lens of the Oughts.  It’s a great way to remember, too, that for as much as we have to teach them, we can learn a nearly equal amount from them.  What might that be, you ask?

1.  Make beautiful music.  Every day.  It heals souls, mends broken hearts, and is uplifting and inspirational.

2.  Be you.  Be “weird.”  Quit caring what others think.  There’s an immeasurable amount of freedom in letting go.

3.  Take a shower.  Every day.  Teenage boys don’t do this and they stink.  Don’t emulate them.

4.  Make new friends as often as possible.  It’s the easiest way to spice up your life and, hopefully, expand your worldview while you’re doing it.

5.  Celebrate your victories.  Everyone has challenges that are unique and your victory is your own.

Did anyone else watch Froning crush some things last week?  I’m in awe of these athletes competing at regionals, including our very own CFJ, Jeff Nelson!  It’s incredibly inspirational to watch the fittest on earth.  It’s also incredibly aspirational.  When I’m contemplating my limits I hope that I can think back to watching the games and realize that “limits” shouldn’t be a word in my vocabulary.


I wish you all a very happy weekend.  I’ll still be wrangling music munkins through Saturday, so if you’re in the neighborhood and happen to be sporting a flask, c’mon by and ask me to do some quality control on its contents!

kangaroo deer


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