I Feel Sheepish. Baaaaaa(d) Blogger.

Tuesday is my day to post a recipe.  As you’ve probably noticed by the tone of this post already, I failed.  I failed in an epic way.  Why?  Because I’ve been lured back in by the temptress I curse in the winter, and write romantic epithets to in the summer: Mother Nature.  See, it’s been all sorts of “purty” here.  And warm.  And sunny (that’s not new for Laramie…we get a lot of sun ’round these parts).  And I just can’t bring myself to stay inside and write a recipe when I can be outside, sitting on a patio, drinking beer (*gasp!*).

So, there you have it.  You get no salad today, but I get a truckload of shame.  Treasure will be stepping in momentarily to post a recipe so that you have something to stay inside and cook in the event of a thunderstorm.  Just make sure you go outside and splash in the puddles as soon as it’s done!  Or, heck…if the lightening is far enough away, I encourage you to take a walk or a jog in the rain!

Oh….and speaking of shame…  Have you seen the site http://www.dogshaming.com?  It’s a shame if you’ve not.  There are a lot of really good laughs in there!




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