I Really Can’t Stay….

Oh, baby!  It’s cold HOTTER THAN HELL outside.  Seriously, Mother Nature…what in the hell did those of us in this sleepy little mountain town do to ignite the fire in you that you might unleash the fury upon us?  Calm down a little, would ya?  And by “calm down,” I mean chill out…literally.  Watch the below video in caution (not appropriate for children!  Vulgar language, but very funny!

At least it’s Friday, right?  Friday is always great.  Always.  But something about Friday in the summer is just so much greater.  I think it’s the anticipation of BBQ’s, iced beverages, ice cream, and general merriment that makes it so doggone great.  And I know no greater place to experience summer than Laramie.  Other than the mosquitos.  They suck.  Literally.

asshole mosquitos

I wish you yet another delightful weekend.  As a matter of fact, I hope it’s delightful as mine will be…I just care that much…  And I’ll think of all you crazy kids trying to ride your drunk bikes home from BrewFest while I’m experiencing a bad-a$$ concert at Red Rocks Saturday.


sand head


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