Krazy Dogs

This really is less a recipe than a method.  Or, for those of you who’ve not experienced one of these, perhaps it’s an awakening.  Either way, I made some Krazy Dogs (the “K” is purposeful, spelling police) and thought I’d share the method with you so you can work on these at home or on your next camping trip.  Incidentally, these do refrigerate well, so you can make them well ahead of your party…


Krazy Dogs

Serving size: 1 dog

Zone calculations per serving: 2P, 0C, I didn’t calculate the fat



beef hot dogs

cheddar cheese (1 oz per dog)

bacon (1 slice per dog)

garlic pickles (1/4 pickle per dog)



Slice hot dog in half, lengthwise.  Layer 1 oz of cheese and 1/4 picket in side, and put dog back together again (didn’t work for Humpty Dumpty, but it works here, I promise).  Wrap dog in bacon, securing each end with a toothpick.  Grill.  Enjoy.



We found that, if you’re lucky enough to have a Traeger Grill, smoking these for about 20 minutes prior to grilling enhances the flavor.  They are, though, perfectly indulgent just being grilled and enjoyed with a cold beverage and your favorite carbs, such as Sweet Potato Chips.




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