Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Tomorrow heralds the advent of my second favorite season of the year: Football season.  I’m not talking about pro football.  I’m not really a fan of pro football unless I’m in dire need of a Sunday afternoon couch nap (save the Super Bowl because that’s the best day to pretend you love it so you get great party invites and eat delicious treats all day), but I do love college football.  The game day atmosphere has me completely suckered.  I love tailgating (mmmm….beer and bacon), visiting with friends new and old, screaming until I’m hoarse (because I swear one day the coaches are going to heed my advice and the refs are totally going to invite the hubs to do their job better than they can), and getting an east-side-of-the-stadium sunburn.  It’s all great.  And when colder weather rears it’s head, it’s great to bundle up, pack some stomach-warming liquids in the interior coat pockets, and go suffer with the rest of the true fans.


So bring on the Vandals, I say.  My prediction?  Cowboys 42, Vandals 7.  (Please, please don’t go placing wagers in Vegas based on my prediction.  Past prediction history indicates I don’t know $hit about predicting anything).


For those of you headed to the game, make note that the Kilmer’s will be visiting tailgate park around 12:30pm to sample the barley and hops for quality assurance.  It’s the least we can do for our beloved Pokes.  Please let us know if you’d like to meet there to discuss how awesome the season will be, how much we all love CrossFit, or if you just want to have a staring contest.  We’re happy to partake in any of that jacka$$ery.




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