Zoned Paleo Bacon, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

This photo is the only good thing that came from Saturday’s game.  No good came of the rest of the afternoon.  And this was taken PRIOR TO the first snap.  Geez, Cowboys…

marching band 1

I have a deep appreciation for one-pot-wonder meals (and buffets, but we can talk about that later).  After a long day of work it is so easy to just throw everything in one pan, only have one pan to wash, and still have a little time left in the evening to match socks (Where do all the stray socks go?  Seriously, it’s like laundry conspiracy).

laundry funny

This is a recipe that is really simple and adapted from a hundred other versions of it on the internet.  The beauty of that, of course, is that it also allows you to adapt it as you see fit.  Oh, and it has bacon.  That, right there, is the golden ticket.  Nobody goes wrong with bacon.  Ever.

The first time I made this I didn’t remove any of the bacon fat from the pan and we (that’s the hubs plus me) thought it was a bit greasy for our taste.  The second time I simply removed a couple tablespoons from the pan and put them into my bacon fat jar (you need one of these if you don’t have one) in the fridge and we were much happier.  It also brings out the sweet in the sweets a bit better, IMO.  Your choice, though.

Zoned Paleo Bacon, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

Servings: 2

Zone Calculations/Serving: 3P, 3C, 4F


8 slices of bacon, chopped (mmmmm….bacon….)

¼ c finely chopped onion

300 grams sweet potatoes (uncooked weight)

½ apple, chopped, skin-on (Honeycrisp or another semi-tart variety will work best)

1 ½ tsp cinnamon

bacon sweet potato apple 2


Heat pan on stove and cook your chopped bacon until it’s about half-way done.  Remove bacon from pan, and remove some bacon fat, if you so desire.  Add onion and sweet potato, and cook until sweet potatoes and onion are caramelized and yummy.  Put bacon back in to finish cooking.  Add cinnamon and chopped apple until the cinnamon is completely incorporated and the apple is only slightly warm (retaining its crisp texture).  Remove from stove.  Consume with delight.

bacon sweet potato apple 1



2 thoughts on “Zoned Paleo Bacon, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

    • Nathan: I used a MUCH thicker bacon that I had purchased at our local butcher shop (it’s like a crazy two or three normal slices to one). It was definitely higher in protein than “normal” bacon. I’d recommend just bumping up the protein (one can never have too much protein!) to make it work. As for the fat, I don’t mind that much. I tend to think that extra fat – when it’s good quality fat – is fine.

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