Zoned Paleo Chocolate Cake-in-a-Mug

I’m guilty of harboring a sweet tooth.  And while I’ve been able to (mostly) kick those cravings to the curb, they occasionally rear their ugly little heads and I’m left with a need to remedy the situation.  The hubs will tell you that I’m terrible at keeping Zone Brownies around, so that’s rarely – if ever – an option.  And I really don’t bake much or I’ll eat it, so when I do, I give it away as blog taste tests.  So, then, what’s a girl to do when faced with this dilemma?  Make a cake in a mug, of course.  The answer


I was cruising the interwebs last week and found a simple recipe for a Paleo version of one of these little wonders (anyone else previously make the Betty Crocker version of these regularly?) and decided to see if it was an option in the world of clean dieting and, sure-as-shootin’, it is.  After several versions and a lot of tweaking, I think you’ll agree that this is a great way to curb those cravings that creep up now and then.  If you’re feeling particularly indulgent (or it’s Monday…whatever…I don’t judge), you can make one batch of this per person.  I simply found that splitting it in two is a more reasonable portion size, zones better, and cures the craving just fine.



Zoned Paleo Chocolate Cake-in-a-Mug

Servings/Batch: 2

Zone Calculations per Serving: 1P, 2C, 4F



¼ blanched almond flour

Pinch of salt

3 tbsp. coconut sugar

1 ½ tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

1 large egg, beaten

2 tbsp coconut milk (full fat, from a can…Thai Kitchen brand works beautifully)



Combine dry ingredients and mix well.  Be sure to eliminate all “chunks” in the flour and sugar.  Add beaten egg and coconut milk.  Mix well.  Separate mixture into two mugs.


Microwave each mug (I did this one mug at a time for consistency) for 1 minute to 1 minute and 10 seconds.  When the cake is no longer moist on top and starts pulling away from the walls of mug, you’ll know it’s done!  It might be wise to start with 45 seconds, first, to figure out how this recipe works with your microwave.






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