10-Minute Primal Nachos

Oh, buddy… I was really happy to see the Open finish after 14.5. I said this already on our Crossfit site, but in case you didn’t know and, also, just to confirm: I will NOT be “friending” Dave Castro on Facebook, and we shall never speak of 14.5 again, mmmmk?   Mmmmk. Onward…


I’m married to someone with a life quest of finding the perfect plate of nachos. No joke. It’s his life quest. It’s a lucky thing that I also love nachos and crave them often (and by “often” I mean three or four times a week, which is really just sad). This recipe (which parks itself in the “close enough” camp) was born of this love of nachos, an extreme craving for a cheat meal, and approximately 10 minutes of time in which to make dinner before I had to be back to my office for the evening. Therefore, I give to you yummy, cheesy, meat-y, cheat-y-tasting goodness in the form of a 10-minute meal. Since this puppy is so quick to whip-up, you can spend all your spare time writing hate mail to Dave Castro about 14.5.



Servings per batch: 3 (best of luck not eating them all yourself)

Zone calculations per serving: 3P, 3C, 2.5F



5 oz of Plantain Chips (NOT the sweet variety)

6 oz of shredded pork, chicken, beef, etc.

¾ c. shredded cheddar cheese

2 tbsp sliced black olives

1 avocado, sliced/chopped/diced

¼ c. salsa (find one that’s sugar-free!)



Place a layer of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Put plantain chips on parchment paper in a single layer. Next, add pork (or whatever meat you’ve chosen). Add olives, and then cheese. Place pan in over under broiler (set to HIGH) until cheese is bubbly and melty. Remove from oven and cover with avocado and salsa.


Zone Appetit!




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